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Summer Events 2009 in the Diaspora -

mercredi 17 juin 2009 par William Toussaint

This summer once again, it’s party. After Montreal from 8 to 12 July 2009 for the 4th annual festival of Haitian Music in Montreal, Ottawa and National Capital Region of Canada that has the appointment of 17 to 19 July 2009 for the 3rd edition of HAITI EN FETE and even in Montreal from 22 to 26 July 2009 for the 3rd edition of HAITI EN FOLIE, including the 2009 Wingate Park Kreyolfest New York Sunday June 28, 2009, Miami, Boston, New York. The Haitian Diaspora is heard, whether by this Haitienfolie, festival Ririri hence, Haitian Film Festival of Montreal or the 4ieme festival Haitian music in Montreal.

To see in detail all the activities that are featured in the Haitian community in the Diaspora, I invite you to visit the Events Guide. An online magazine, with pictures of the posters. This is ane-book events and is updated each week to learn all that is hot and shock for the summer.

The summer festivities, we do not lack in the Haitian community in the Diaspora, whether in Canada or the USA. Diversity and cultural exchanges, integration, promoting Haitian culture, everything is there. Haitimonde invites you to share your views on cultural exchanges and integration of the Haitian Diaspora in their home region through its Forum at the following address or by submitting your article in the Capsules Haitimonde under the Theme Diaspora & cultural exchanges

These cultural initiatives have entirely relevant when we know how many young Haitians who were born and raised in the Diaspora and need this initiation and the return to ancient sources. However, it is important not to limit the festivities impregnation and environments that can lead to the belief that we are here to celebrate. It is a good opportunity to bring together those who have the blood of Haiti in their arteries, but also the opportunity to provide awareness among young people in awareness over the issue of Haiti, which remains and remains our motherland.

Whether you are residents or citizens of the Diaspora, when it speaks of Haiti, it tells you something or it should say so. It’s good to celebrate in the Diaspora with electricity galore, galore safety, and cleanliness galore. This promotion of culture should not be limited to the party, but to the promotion of Haiti. Do They have a plan behind all this ? We know that governments usually work on Public Planning Policy in various forms including the promotion of tourism. Does the Government in Haiti consider these activities as opportunities and join as partners or sponsors, as do the private sector and governments in the Diaspora ?

Unfortunately, there are so many urgent and priority to manage and care in Haiti that these opportunities would pass on the nose of our leaders without being able to participate. Indeed, if this should have positive effects in terms of tourism, there is no local infrastructure to respond to that. This is still the time to think and rethink the role of government in Haiti

In the meantime in the Diaspora, we really fun, enjoy the summer while offering young people the chance of a return to the source. It is still an opportunity for the leaders of Haiti to move from awareness messages to the Diaspora, but to be heard and understood, they must be credible.

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