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Stop Wasting Time on Things That Will Never Make You Money - by : Amanda Steinberg

jeudi 15 juillet 2010 par William Toussaint

Fact check

It drives me crazy when I talk to entrepreneurs who are stubbornly attached to projects, ideas, services, blogs—without a clear path to meaningful results or revenue.

Yes, commitment is required to be successful. I am just concerned that some of you (entrepreneurs in particular) are misdirecting your energy into activities that don’t produce results.

I should know. I’ve been there. About a year ago, I was fixated on winning Divine Caroline’s "Love This Website" award. I was convinced that going all out for this award would put my personal finance website DailyWorth on the map and result in a tsunami of traffic.

We asked all of you, dear readers, to vote for us repeatedly over a three-month period. The net net, after all that time and effort ? Virtually no measurable results. No surge in traffic. Nada.

Bottom line : It was a giant waste of time.

Know the value of your time

I did learn one invaluable lesson, however : Time really is money, and if the time you are putting into a project, product or marketing effort isn’t yielding a measurable return or a clear path to results, cut your losses and move on, or reconsider your tactics.

Bragging rights : How has a change of direction boosted your project, job hunt or business ?

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