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Les Haitiens brillent partout - Voilà des exemples au Canada

dimanche 25 octobre 2009 par William Toussaint

"Working in the public service offers a great mix between your professional and personal life. It’s the best decision I ever made !"

Yves, Financial Analyst
(Canadian Heritage)

Degree :
Bachelor of Accounting at Université du Québec à Montréal

Designation :

Working toward Certified General Accountant (CGA)

On FORD/IARD : Graduated 2008"
One of the best things about FORD/IARD is the way it gives you a general view of the big machine of government. You can increase your experience through different assignments and get to see different management styles. There’s also real support and flexibility to get the training you need."

Best assignment :

"My favourite project so far was the work I did in Accounting Operations at Public Works and Government Services Canada. While I was there I could see a way to improve how set-off files were managed. Management took my ideas and is now applying them across the whole government ! It was so satisfying to make a difference in this way."

His work/his goals :

Yves is always looking for a challenge. "My job is great for this. I love discovering new things and finding ways to improve a project. I also like to take the initiative. We work in teams, so there’s a good balance between autonomy and support. There are so many ways to grow professionally."

Yves performs financial analysis on grants and contributions files for a range of arts, sports and other organizations that receive support from Canadian Heritage.

"It’s always interesting," he says enthusiastically. "You can learn something every day. Every file is different and every client is different. You have to get up to speed on what each client does and understand how different programs are run."

Yves left the private sector and moved his family to Ottawa. "There’s a different philosophy in government. You’re expected to produce good work, but you’re a person first. Even though I’m busy with work and my studies for my CGA, I still have time for my family and to relax by exercising."

Yves plans to keep building his knowledge base. "Financial management in the government is a very broad subject. I’d like to use my training to be the reference person whom team members turn to when they need to know about the different policies, laws and procedures that guide what we do."

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