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Immigrants as Innovators Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness - by : Michelle Downie, The Conference Board of Canada

vendredi 15 octobre 2010 par William Toussaint


Immigrants as Innovators : Boosting Canada’s Global
Competitiveness takes a comprehensive approach to
understanding and quantifying the relationship between
immigration and innovation at graduated levels—
individually, in businesses, nationally, and globally.
National and global datasets were analyzed, and a
survey of employers and immigrant employees was
conducted. The report is designed to help Canadian
government officials and business leaders, as well as
cities and communities, recognize the potential value
of immigration to innovation performance. The report
also provides Canadian leaders with insight into how
they can better foster and capitalize on the innovative
potential of new Canadians.

At a Glance

This report evaluates the extent to which
immigrants are contributing to innovation
in Canada.

The relationship between immigration and
innovation is assessed at graduated levels—
individual, business, national, global. At
every level of analysis, the research found
that there is a significant association between
immigration and innovation.

Barriers are identified, and recommendations
are made to further facilitate immigrants’
continued contributions to Canada and
Canadian businesses.

Immigrants are making Canada more innovative.
Making such a proposition does not require any
stretch of the imagination. Indeed, one could
logically argue that immigrants are by definition motivated
go-getters who are prepared to face adversity and
take risks in hopes of greater gains. They are seekers of
a better way—the very embodiment of innovation. The purpose of this research report is to test this proposition.
Is there a link between immigration and innovation—in
Canada and abroad ?

Current immigration policy in Canada emphasizes the
need for skilled migrants as a response to demographic
and socio-economic shifts. Most developed countries have
rapidly aging populations. The shrinking population of
working-age adults is leading to critical labour and skills
shortages. Attracting immigrants is one strategy being
adopted to meet these challenges. However, this report
makes the case that, beyond meeting labour shortages,
immigrants also increase Canada’s innovative capacity.

This study explores the relationship between immigrants
and innovation, in Canada and abroad.

Canada lags behind many other developed countries in
productivity and innovation.2 Productivity and innovation
are critical for economic development. This study explores
the relationship between immigrants and innovation, in
Canada and abroad. Specifically, it examines different
dimensions of innovation across areas such as research,
the culture sector, business, and global commerce, as well
as at the level of the individual immigrant, the firm, and
the national and international economy.

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