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dimanche 25 octobre 2009 par William Toussaint

The variety and challenges in internal audit are terrific.
I’ve discovered skills I didn’t know I had."

Judith, Internal Auditor (in development)

(Canada Border Services Agency)

Degree :
Bachelor in Accounting, Université de Québec à Montréal


Working toward Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certified General Accountant (CGA)

On FORD/IARD (graduating in 2008) :

"I was looking for something in internal audit and FORD/IARD helped me to find the right job. People are very willing to help you get valuable experience and solid training when you are a program trainee. My managers have provided leave and incentives to encourage me in my studies and my work."

Best assignment :"I was asked to build my first risk analysis for one of our audits and I wasn’t sure where to start. It felt like a lot of responsibility, especially when our project leader said he was relying on me. But when the pieces finally came together, I felt pretty excited to have completed such a complex document on my own !"

Her work/her goals :
Judith loves a creative challenge. "What I like most is developing an analysis of a program from scratch. It’s like starting with a blank sheet of paper. Sometimes you are afraid that you can’t do it, that you won’t know how to get it right. However, when you’ve put together a complex report and your ideas are making a difference, it feels just great !"

As a participant in the FORD/IARD program, Judith is developing the skills she needs to be an internal auditor. "I’m learning how to analyze policy and procedures so I can audit programs for effectiveness and efficiency. Our goal is to help our clients do their work better." This involves research and gathering information, as well as the more creative work of developing checklists and questionnaires. But it also requires good people skills. "As an auditor, you interview and brief managers at all levels of the organization," Judith explains.

Judith finds the teamwork an asset. "It’s great, because there’s always someone to show you the ropes." There is also plenty of variety – both in terms of focus and tasks. "At the moment, I’m working on an audit of a program to arm border services officers. I’ve also been involved in planning an audit of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. As part of the planning, we are developing a range of documents, including the profile, the risk analysis, the audit program, questionnaires, and checklists."

"Internal audit feels like the right direction for me ; I’d like to be a senior auditor in a few years time," says Judith. "There is plenty of opportunity for advancement in government. Some departments offer you flexible schedules and will really support you if you show potential and want to move ahead. My life’s busy with work and studies, but I manage to keep time for family and friends."

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