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Agenda for an États généraux in Haiti : Third Roundtable of the Willson House Process - par :

mardi 13 septembre 2011 par Administrator

FOCAL PROJECT REPORT : Haiti and the Private Sector - Washington, D.C. – May 16-17, 2011

Executive Summary

In May 2011, leaders of the principal private enterprises and private sector associations of Haiti and international donors convened in Washington, D.C. for a roundtable meeting on the role of the Haitian private sector in the development of Haiti. The objective of the meeting was to focus on actions to enable and improve effective co-operation between the private sector, the new government of Haiti and international donors to promote growth, good governance and development. In addition to broad areas of public and private governance and economic growth, participants discussed Haitian manufacturing, agriculture, technology, tourism and improvements in economic competitiveness.

The roundtable reviewed the history of public-private dialogue (PPD) in Haiti to help lay the basis for a new dialogue model that can produce effective, sustained and efficient collaboration. The roundtable also articulated a coherent and forceful declaration by the private sector of its role and responsibility toward the country’s development, drawing a clear distinction between modern progressive elements of the private sector and those wedded to the past. Finally, the roundtable marked the progression of the Haitian private sector from active participant to leader of the Willson House process.

The Willson House process is a series of dialogues between leaders of the Haitian private sector and the international community named after the venue of the first such dialogue, convened at Meech Lake, Quebec, and chaired by former Canadian prime minister the Rt Hon. Joe Clark and former president of the Inter-American Development Bank Enrique Iglesias. The agenda, list of participants, and discussions at the third roundtable in this process were chosen and developed by members of the Haitian private sector, and the future direction of the process now rests firmly in their hands.


The following are key ideas that emerged from the discussions and preparatory work for the meeting done by the Haitian private sector. They are intended to inform and guide the development of an états généraux to be held in Haiti in the summer of 2011.

1) Pacte d’engagement

Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) was highlighted as an essential mechanism for building and acting upon a shared vision for economic growth in Haiti. Participants agreed that a first priority for the new government should be institutionalizing, in partnership with the private sector, an inclusive, transparent and accountable PPD process, built upon past experience in Haiti, to create efficiency, legitimacy and continuity of dialogue.

2) Nouveau consensus social pour une révolution de croissance

Haiti must create a “Revolution of Growth for All.” Participants asserted that the old business model of crony capitalism and rent-seeking behaviour that benefited a privileged minority was unsustainable and dangerous for the private sector and the country. The only way Haiti can move forward is by strengthening democracy, rule of law, good governance and open markets to ensure economic growth that brings opportunities and benefits for all Haitians.

3) Business opportunities

The Revolution of Growth for All must ensure opportunities for Haitian businesses of all sizes, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and those in the informal sector. It is a strategic priority for Haiti to enlarge the middle class and to support the transition of entrepreneurs from the informal sector to the formal economy. This will increase the size of the tax base, thereby growing government revenue while expanding economic opportunities to more Haitians.

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13 septembre 2011
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